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In my paintings, I insert representational images into abstract distorted and agitated environments.  The effect is a tactile surface - my immersion in painterly improvisation - set into an uneasy alliance with the more figurative.  The resulting juxtaposition, of the precisely described and the abstract, is full of conflict and contradiction generating a space in which everything competes for rational comprehension, because there is too much to take in.

Inside this schizophrenic whirlpool the contradictions within our world find expression.  The tents, temples, amusement rides, and circus animals suggest a realm where spectacle and entertainment serve as the enticing emblems of our self-indulgent pursuits.  In contrast, the overloaded environments embody the self-induced malformations that simultaneously characterize our time and our inharmonious behaviors so deeply rooted to the rhythms of our daily lives.

Such paradoxes of the human condition are always at the center of my artwork.  Forever we are engaged with the mysteries of life and existence, and always we face the physical finiteness of the earth.  Life's fast-paced dynamics and its chaos-inducing energies are revealed on my canvas as visions of a landscape starved for salvation.  While these are pictorial ideas that illuminate something of the contradiction that is our common existence, they also transform themselves, in my paintings, into visions of beauty.  If this beauty is dark, then, often, so is life.